Fabric Source & Production

Susanna Davis fabrics and products use only the highest
quality flax fibres in its Baltic linen. Sourced from Belgium
or northern France, dedicated farmers, who liken themselves
to wine makers, put their hearts and souls into their produce.

In Latvia and Lithuania, where linen weaving is akin to
a philosophy, our much prized Baltic linen fibres are
laboriously spun into yarn, dyed and woven by,
reputable artisan firms, producing the finest quality
hand crafted linen fabric and finished goods.

Only ecological, non-toxic chemicals are used in the yarn
dyeing process. We ethically source all produce and work
directly with weavers to create our full range of fabric
and finished goods. Each supplier operates on a limited,
woven-to-order production basis, ensuring the highest
quality product and finished fabrics.

Ecological Linen Production

Design Inspiration

"With a symbiotic feel for the tactile texture of
linen, it gives me joy to see how colours combine
and inter-connect; seeing a harmonious co-existence
of varying textures and tones uplifts my soul. It is a
personal expression of my fascination for the lustre
of linen." - Susanna Davis

Nordic Forest Colours Used As Inspiration For Linen Colours
Nordic Lake Colours Used As Inspiration For Linen Colours

Susanna formed the first colour range in 2002, drawing on
sparse Nordic simplicity, its fir-forested terrain, the ethereal,
misty hues of Latvia's lakes and the frozen waters of the
Baltic Sea in early spring.

"A primary source of inspiration is
Nature's own palette."
- Susanna Davis

Add to the mix the cerulean skies of the Indian Himalaya,
contrasted with its raw, jagged snow line, deodar cedar
forests, Mogul forts set astride sheer sandstone
escarpments with meticulously elegant stone fretwork,
red sandstone forts alongside dazzling white marble -
a heady fusion of intertwining colours begins to emerge.

Indian Himalaya Colours Used As Inspiration For Linen Colours

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